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Zumbini is an early-childhood music & movement program for children ages 0 - 4 to experience with their caregiver.  

Meaningful bonding happens when parents and their children have fun together. Thanks to the original music and unique curriculum, Zumbini classes are enjoyable for both parent and child. Zumbini classes also hone in on education! While using musical instruments, singing, dancing, playing games and more, your little one will also be developing their cognitive, social, emotional and motor skills at this critical age.

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Kidding Around Yoga specializes in sharing yoga, meditation & mindfulness with children ages 2 - 12 to experience with and without their caregiver.

Kidding Around Yoga uses original music, games, as well as other tools and activities to help children focus their minds and stretch their bodies, all while having loads of fun. Students that commit to the practice of Kidding Around Yoga are on the road to gaining not only coordination and body awareness through creative poses, storytelling, songs, games, breathing exercises and more; but healthy habits for their lifelong well-being.